Home automation malta - Foscam Cam March 09, 2015 05:17

Our newly added product Foscam has a list of impressive feature.  Below is a summary of what it can actually do:



It can be integrated with the alarm system so that when a sensor is breached it sends multiple images to your email and then you can access directly the camera with live streaming.

It has a built in Microphone so both image and sound are recorded.

It has an impressive night vision which is extremely clear.

You can record video when motion detection occurs.

You can actually talk through your cam when you are away from home through a downloadable app.

It turns right, left up and down.  And this can actually be done when your are away from home to screen all the area or you can actually leave it in patrol ( Moves all the time )

It is wireless.  So the only needed is a power supply.


Contact us for more details on 79495488.