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This system incorporates

  • HCL Controller
  • 2 Motion sensors
  • 1 Door sensor
  • 2 Double relays
  • 1 Dimmer
  • 1 Indoor Sirene

Whit this system one will have a state of the art wireless alarm system.  When a PIR/door sensor is breached automatically the sirene goes on, the lights start blinking and an e-mail or/and an sms are sent. 

Furthermore these PIR sensors are used to switch on the corridor lighting automatically, when the alarm is not armed, in order to avoid unnecessary waste and for comfort.  These sensors can be setup so that they gather information about the natural light in the room and automatically dims down the light, again to avoid energy waste and to create a comfortable environment.

Door sensors maybe installed at balcony doors so that when that door is opened automatically the lights goes on.

When entering the house, and the alarm is disarmed, we can set up the system so that certain areas are switched if necessary between the preset hours. 

The scenes that can be done are vast to create a luxurious comfortable, secure and green smart home.