Your imagination will put to test you home automation robustness and the infinate number of features


Roller blinds pull up gently and your bedroom is flooded with natural light. In wintertime, the system turns on the light on 30% brightness, allowing your eyesight to gradually adjust to daylight.

Your eyes are open. The system senses motion in the bedroom and lights your way to the bathroom and the kitchen.

Roller blinds pull up gently and windows open slightly to let a breath of air into your house.

You go back to aired bedroom. The system displays weather information on TV screen, thanks to which you dress appropriately for the weather. Your favorite music is played in the background.

It's time to leave for work. The house turns off all devices, arms alarm system, pulls down roller blinds and locks the doors. Your house is now safe



Babysitting.......Check on your children 



Create moods by changing colour of light, room temperature and put on relaxing music




Have you ever turned back home to check if you left the hair crimper on........... Never again because now you can check it out from your device

Have you ever scolded your children to switch off the lights ?  There's the motion sensors to take care of these things


Have you ever wondered what is that appliance/room/lighting which is actually wasting you tonnes of energy ? Check out the fibaro report