Fibaro Dimmer 2 200W - Controls 1 gang


Product Highlights

  • Works with old style toggle switch.  Therefore no need to replace existing switches 
  • As a dimmer, works with Conventional fluorescent lamps, 230V operated halogen lamps, 12V operated halogen lamps, dimmable LED lamps
  • As a connector, works with Compact fluorescent lights, LED lamps, old type fluorescent lamps.
  • Overheating protection: safety off at 105oC,
  • Ambient temperature: 10oC – 40oC,
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes fi ≥ 50mm with a legacy switch mounted in front,
  • NEEDS TO EXCEED 30W when adding up all wattage of bulbs controlled by Dimmer

Choosing the suitable relay.




  • 2 X 1.5kW
  • 1 X 2kW



    The Relay 2 X 1.5kW shall be used for turning "on or off" 2 different switches.  It is important to make sure that if this switch is going to be installed in the wall switch a NEUTRAL WIRE (Blue or Black) & LIVE WIRE (Brown or RED) is present.  If not a neutral wire is to made available or else it can be installed to the ceiling rose.  If you need additional information do not hesitate to contact us on 79495488 or on

    The Relay 1 X 2kW shall be used for turning "on or off" ONLY 1 switch.  However it is capable for loads up to 2kw example electrical kettle.  These are mostly used for domestic appliances.  

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